As we begin 2019, we wanted to reflect on our most visited blog posts of 2018.

Here they are…

#10 - You Need a Farm Equipment Replacement Gameplan (Link)

#9 - Stop Using the Term “Risk Management” On the Farm (Link)

#8 - A Simple Formula for Higher Farm Profits: The 5% Rule (Link)

#7 - 5 Ways for Farms to Reduce Expenses (Link)

#6 - Are you a Top 20% Farm Manager (Link)

#5 - 13 Biases that Screw Up Farm Decisions: Part 1 (Link)

#4 - Farming Bigger Isn’t Always Better (Link)

#3 - What’s your farm’s highest ROI? Answers from 212 farmers (Link)

#2 - Cost of On-Farm vs. Commercial Grain Drying (Link)

#1 - I Recently Met a Farmer in His 50’s That Owns 3,000 Acres Free and Clear (Link)

We will have more to come in 2019!

We hope you have a safe and productive year.

Nick Horob
Passionate about farm finances, software, and assets that produce cash flow (oil wells/farmland/rentals). U of MN grad.
Fargo, ND