Founding Story

Harvest Profit was built in 2015 by a team that lives, works, and plays in farm country.

Our mission is to give you more visibility into the financial side of your farm. Spreadsheets are amazing tools that we are huge fans of but they aren't well-suited to the complex task of managing all of the inputs and outputs of a modern farm.

We've built a set of software tools focused on making it easier for you to track your farms costs, profits, grain marketing positions, and inventory.

Our Focus

As a modern, progressive farmer, you're inundated with tools, advice, and data on your farm.

Harvest Profit isn't a one-size-fits-all tool. We leave the agronomy to others and focus solely on helping you make more profitable farm business and grain marketing decisions.

Furthermore, you tend to invest in and sell a crop across 2-3 calendar years. This makes cash-basis accounting insufficient when it comes to showing you what is making and what is costing you money on your farm.

We also understand that you're cautious about whom you do business with. You're bombarded ROI promises and companies looking to earn your business. We won't make any of these promises. Our mission is to simply help you make better business decisions year-in, year-out. If we can deliver on that, the ROI will be inevitable.

And finally, we weren't founded by a group of investors looking solely for the highest ROI. We don't answer to a venture capital-led board of directors. We answer only to our customers like you.

We would love to earn your business. Try a free trial of our software below to see if it's a fit for your operation.







“Best experience I've had. If you throw out some ideas at them, they are always willing to listen and execute on those ideas. Best bang for the buck out there.”

Meet Our Team

Created by Farmers and Dedicated Individuals


Nick Horob

Digital Specialist

Ben Longlet

Digital Specialist

Jarrett Hudson

Operations / Customer Success

Claudine Schmidt

Customer Success

Wyatt Erickson

Software Developer

Jaryd Krishnan

Software Developer

Cody Elhard

Software Developer

Jake Humphrey

Software Developer

Chris Salazar


Harvest Profit HQ, Fargo North Dakota

Harvest Profit HQ

520 Oak Ridge Way E
West Fargo, ND 58078

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