Tools to help your farm thrive
in a volatile farm economy

An ROI-focused, number-based approach to farm management can add $20+/acre to the bottom line each year. Or much more in the case of this farmer.

Educational Course

Farm Business Course


One Year Access
An updated course will be released in 2020
Farm Business Best Practices
Learn from key farm business mistakes
Apply best practices to protect and grow your equity
40+ videos covering:
  • N.E.A.T Farm Business Framework
  • Importance of Numbers-based Analysis
  • Spreadsheet Tutorials
  • Introduction to Grain Marketing
  • Grain Marketing Tools & Timing
  • Advanced Options Analysis
  • Commercial Basis Strategies
  • Building a Custom Farm Finance Tracker
  • Farm Financial Statement Analysis
  • Farm Rent Structuring
  • Long-term Farm Planning

Harvest Profit

Farm Business Software


Field-by-Field Profit Analysis
Auto-Updating Revenue with CBOT Price Data
Contract/Hedge Tracking
Marketing Plan Builder
Year-over-Year Analysis and Comparison
Inventory Management
Balance Sheets
Free Unlimited Access to Educational Course ($500 value)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the software available on my device?

The software is web-based (best used with Google's Chrome browser) and is built to support tablets. We also offer Android and iOS applications.

What crops does the software work for?

The software offers you the ability to enter any custom crops you'd like. Corn, Soybeans, SRW, HRW, and HRS offer direct feeds to futures prices to be used in your P&L.

Additional questions?

Drop us an email at or schedule a call with us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

“We met with a banker today to talk about an operating loan and handed him our projected P/L printed from the Harvest Profit software. He couldn't get over it. Said he wished all his farm clients had it.”

“In regards to bang for your buck, HarvestProfit could help you find the leaks and opportunities in your budgeting faster than any program I've used.”