Our Farmers Always Know Their Bottom Line.

Increase your farms financial visibility and make more profitable farm decisions. Be their trusted partner in this process!

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Track your Cost of Production and Profitability Year-Round

Harvest Profit Profit & Loss

We Make Farms More Profitable

Our number one priority is to help your farmers be more successful. From our crop planner to profit & loss, with Harvest Profit your farmers are always in the know.

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Why Youll Love Us

Bottom Line Insights

Always have knowledge of where your bottom line is at.

Better Decision Making

With our tools, farmers can make data-backed decisions for their farm.

Emotionless Grain Marketing

Grain marketing is tough. Our tools build profit-focused plans, and take the guessing out of marketing.

All In One

Get rid of the spreadsheets, and no need for other applications. All the tools, all the data, all in one place.

Detailed Profit And Loss Insights

With Harvest Profit, you can feel confident in the financial decisions you make for your farm. With the Harvest Profit P & L, you can see where your farm stands, and make important financial decisions, in real-time. From application costs to business overhead, we track everything so your numbers are based on real data, and not guess-work.

Efficient Grain Marketing Tools

  • Create profit-focused marketing plans based on live financial data
  • Set timeline / pricing targets so you are ready to sell at the right time
  • Make Better revenue & profit predictions based on market data

Frequently Asked Questions

Can customers self-manage their linked account?

Definitely. A farmer and a dealer/consultant can both access and update a Harvest Profit account.

How much does Harvest Profit cost?

Our software is sold via an annual subscription at $1,600/farm.

Does Harvest Profit Offer Bulk Discounts?

At this time, we do not offer any bulk discounts.

What kind of support is offered?

We offer all of our customers unlimited email and phone support. Support calls can be booked at HarvestProfit.com/call.

We met with a banker today to talk about an operating loan and handed him our projected P/L printed from the Harvest Profit software. He couldn't get over it. Said he wished all his farm clients had it.

In regards to bang for your buck, HarvestProfit could help you find the leaks and opportunities in your budgeting faster than any program I've used.