Connect John Deere Operations Center™ and Harvest Profit and unlock more value from your operation.

You have control over operational and input costs. Harvest Profit's mission is to be a partner to your farm to help you manage any uncertainty. You have to make hundreds of decisions in any given growing season and our tools will assist you in confidently analyzing, executing, and tracking these decisions.

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Use John Deere Operations Center to track operations on your farm.

Seamlessly Track Data From Fields

Track seeding, application, harvest, and tillage with John Deere Operations Center. Get machine security and health alerts, review machine locations, hours, fuel levels, and efficiency measurements on the web or through Operations Center Mobile.

Match data from John Deere Operations Center with your existing Harvest Profit account.

Connect John Deere Operations Center Data and Skip the Hassle

Already set up your Harvest Profit account? Connect any existing fields directly to fields in John Deere Operations Center. Or import farms and fields from our simple import tool. Either way, import the data you need to get an overview of your farm. The process is easy, fast, and makes data immediately available for import.

Import operation data directly from John Deere Operations Center into Harvest Profit

Import Machine Data directly into your Harvest Profit account.

Let John Deere Operations Center manage your equipment, and take advantage of the profitability analysis Harvest Profit offers. While your enterprise-level financial performance is what matters at the end of the day, field-level financial performance will allow you to fine tune your operation. Harvest Profit makes this process easy.







“Great all-in-one software! From inputs to contracts/current futures to field by field analysis, the software has it all. With new improvements each month, can't wait to see what you come up with next year!”