Our goal is to make it easier for farmers to make more profit-focused and less emotional farm business decsions.

In addition, we are dedicated to continuously improving our farm management software.

Here is a list of improvements we’ve made so far in 2017. Watch the video below for an overview of these changes.

  • Split planting seed on a field. You can now define your population and acres for different varieties of seed in the same field.
  • Misc revenue on each field. You can now add misc revenue on a per field basis. Crop insurance indemnities are the best use case for this.
  • Custom seed unit sizes. You can now select “custom” as your seed unit size and then specify how many seeds per custom unit.
  • Editable yield on the P&L tab. You can now edit your yields on the P&L tab to conduct some custom “on-the-fly” analysis. These yields are simply multiplied by whatever is listed as your average cash price to calculate revenue.
  • Sortable inputs. You can now sort input categories and that order will be shown on the P&L page. You can also sort individual inputs using “drag and drop” to make the Inputs page better organized for your farm. We also greatly increase the loading speed of this page.
  • Third decimal point of precision. We added a third decimal point of precision to all of the price components of the app. This allows for more accruate contracts, input prices, and ultimately your farm’s P&L results.
  • CSV downloads. Software is great but sometimes you need to do some custom calculations. Given that, we added .csv (spreadsheet) file downloads to the regular and field-by-field P&L tabs.

In addition to the improvements listed above, we continue to make smaller enhancements to make the software easier to use.

If you’re interested in trying out our profit-focused farm management software, click here for a 14-day free trial.

Nick Horob
Passionate about farm finances, software, and assets that produce cash flow (oil wells/farmland/rentals). U of MN grad.
Fargo, ND