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Take More Control of Your Farm's Financial Outcome

Harvest Profit gives you timely and vital data for making critical decisions on your farm.

As a farmer so much is outside of your control. In particular, the weather and commodity markets. This is reality and should not prevent you from making confident and proactive management decisions on your farm.

Better visibility is key to winning the battle uncertainty. Harvest Profit helps you answer questions such as:

  • What's my cost of production?
  • What's my field-by-field profitability?
  • What does my P&L look like if I drop or add a farm?
  • Are cash rents or crop shares more profitable on my farm?
  • If I plant X% more of a certain crop, how does that impact my profitability and overhead?
  • How much production do I have sold?
  • How much crop inventory do I have on hand?
  • What does my P&L look like with X yields and Y prices?
  • And much more.....

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