Farm Management Software Updates - April 2019

Nick Horob

We recently added four enhancements to Harvest Profit’s farm management software.

  1. You can now apply separate groups of inputs on the Applications tab and copy them to some or all of your fields.
  2. You can now define entity split agreements rather than having to define them on a field-by-field basis.
  3. You can now bulk set crops and entities on the Crop Planner.
  4. You have another method for building your crop plan. You can now set it by field OR by crop.

Regarding items 2-4 above, building your crop plan should now take only a couple minutes regardless of how many fields you have. If it takes any longer than that, please reach out to us and we will take care of it for you!

The Applications tab ehancement opens the door for us to do a lot of cool stuff such as mixes and activities.

Watch a quick video update of these improvements below.

If you’d like to see if Harvest Profit’s farm management software is a fit for your operation, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial below.

Nick Horob

Nick Horob

Passionate about farm finances, software, and assets that produce cash flow (oil wells/farmland/rentals). U of MN grad.

Fargo, ND